krohne-logoKROHNE – Flow Measurement: Electromagnetic, Variable Area, Ultrasonic, Mass, and Vortex flowmeters. Level Measurement: Non-Contact and Contact Level Meters, Level Switches, Other Level Gauges, and Tank Management. Temperature Measurement: RTD’s, Thermocouples, Thermowells, INOR Transmitters, and Thermometers. Analysis Measurements: Spectroscopic Analysis System used for the Inline Measurement of Substances (Protein, Fat, Lactose in milk products, FFA value in frying oil and COD in dairy waste) and Water Monitors (pH, ORP, Conductivity, Turbidity, and Chlorine). Gas and Steam Measurement. PipePatrol – Leak Detection System.

at controls-logoA-T Controls – TRIAC Manual and Automated Ball valve packages; Carbon and Stainless Steel. Manual and Automated Butterfly valve packages; Resilient and High Performance. Actuators; Pneumatic, Electric, Gearboxes & Overrides. Positioners; Pneumatic, Electro-Pneumatic, Digital, and Smart. Solenoid Valves, Limit Switches, Flow & Speed Control, and Filter/Regulators.

ametek-logoAMETEK – Analyzers for Sulfur Recovery, Production Process, High Purity Gas Monitoring, Combustion Process, Oxygen for Non Combustion, Elemental Analysis, Moisture, Environmental Emissions Monitoring, Physical Properties, Liquid Phase Chemical Composition Analysis, Analysis of Natural Gas, Gas Phase Chemical Composition Analysis, and Color Analysis. Gas Coolers, Gas Sample Probes, Sample Systems, Portable Systems, Enclosures, Tubing Bundles, and Bare Tubing.

Brands: Dycor ProLine ProMaxion Thermox ASOMA TRACE Analytical CHANDLER Engineering Western Research Universal Analyzers O’BRIEN

WOM LogoWOM – Dual-Seal ball valve is an exclusive design that offers a cost effective alternative that can outperform a through conduit gate valve in pipeline applications. The dual-seal design of the valve means that if the primary seal is damaged, pressure will force the secondary seal against the ball to create a positive upstream seal.

cera-logoCera System – Ceramic lined valves for abrasive and corrosive applications; Ball and Control valves, Sliding disc valves, special and custom made valves for On/Off and Control (modulating) service. Ceramic pipe wear protection, hoses and system solutions.

bulk pro logoBulk Pro Systems – Bulk Material Handling Products and Services: Dynamic Weighing, Conveyor Safety, Level Detection, Monitoring Accessories, Tramp Metal Detection, Bulk Solids Sampling. Belt Scales, Point Level Detection, Sampling Systems, Tramp Metal Detectors, Continuous Level, Conveyor Switches, Speed Switches and Weigh Belt Feeders.

Sammi MachinerySammi Machinery – Line Blind Valves. Essential to blinding any type of pipe line for safety in operation & maintenance, prevention of product contamination, keeping vacuum conditions, preventing environmental pollution, perfect isolation for pipe line in emergency for process problem and/or accident in-line.



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